Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Laptop Liason

Ok so if you thought my posts were full of typos before just you wait. I'm on the girls laptop because I am staying at her house this week and the keyboard is ruining everything. I'm just not used to flat odd keyboards.

Saturday night was a good night. We drank it up with Susi and Telf to celebrate their going away and also made it over to say happy birthday to the awesome Tilney. The night ended about 3ish and by then it was definitely time for home. I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty averagely average and didn't do much for the rest of the day. The girl and I drove out to her house and chilled out with her mum before staying up and watching the MotoGP which was won by Australia's Casey Stoner. It was a brilliant race and in the end there were two Aussies on the podium.

I have worked through the wet, windy and cold weather this week but it hasn't been too bad. The work we have been doing has been pretty cushy and most of it has been on machines so that's always good.

Tonight we are heading into town for Tilney's birthday. We are grabbing tea and then heading to the Pancake Kitchen for desert. Should be a good night.

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