Thursday, June 28, 2007

My European Goodbye

Today was a day that I had not been looking forward to. It was a hard day and it changes my life in many ways. It made one friendship more distant and made one more complicated. Two of my friends left today to travel and work in Europe and I'm so happy they are following their dreams but it sucks for me, god does it suck. I'm going to miss them and the worst thing is that I dont know when I'm going to see them again.

This week has been very flat out and very hectic and today was probably worst. Its not going to get any slower though. It started with Tilney's birthday at the Coopers Ale Houe where I ate the biggest chicken parmigiana I have ever seen in my life, followed by pancakes. It then went to Sam's birthday and another good night at Chalkers and peaked today. Tomorow night I have a 21st with the girl followed by another friends farewell. Thankfully they are only hollidaying for 6 weeks. Saturday night is already booked out with a 21st and then later on partying at the Havi with Nicole and the girls. Sunday night I am booked for another 21st at the cassino which will definitely go late in the morning. Before I know it it will be next week and it will start all over again.

Its all good though. Today was hard and I'm still a bit down about saying those two phrases, "Goodbye Susi", "Goodbye Telf". But everything else is great. This week has been beer and skiddles with a few little down moments but nothing I cant handle it. I cant wait for the weekend and to hang out with certain people who I haven't seen for a long time. People who have been away at home and people I just haven't seen due to exams.
All good and all love. Bye now.

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