Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Star Unkown???

Last night Cat and I did our usual dinner thing. We ate too much Mexican then drank coffee to make us feel better but it always makes us feel even worse so then we walk around for a while to relieve some of the stomach pressure. Last night was bad though because we both felt very very full to the point that we felt quite sick. It was funny though.

While we were sitting up stairs in Starbucks we both realized that we had no idea why it was called Starbucks or what the logo was. After a few minute we realized it was a mermaid. Today I before I go out in the freezing cold for work I thought I would do some Starbucks research.

Starbucks was started in Seattle by three partners and was later bought out by another coffee company which absorbed the Starbucks stores and name into its company and became the Starbucks group. The name was thought of by one of the original partners and comes from a the character Starbuck in the book Moby Dick. He was a huge fan of the book and wanted to use the name Pequod which was the ship in the book. After being told it was a ridiculous name he decided on Starbucks.

The logo is of a twin tailed mermaid or siren and over the years has had a few small changes. It has become a very recognizable logo.

Well thats about it, had to cut it short because its time to head off to work. Bye now.


Ancient Clown said...

Starbucks is also a corporate sleeze company that drives "mom and pop" coffee shops out of business and the main reason you now pay $3.00 for a .25 cent cup of coffee...with NO 'FREE REFILLS'.
Think that over.(LOL)
your humble servant,
ancient clown

mexican starbucks fan said...

who cares? it tastes good

^M!R@G3^ ChoPPeR said...

I'm not so big on spending as much for coffee as a gallon of gasoline these days, but I'll have to admit that Starbucks is quite tasty. To forever remember the few cups I've had, I did retain a really kick-ass mug from there that I can drink my Maxwell House from. :)

Spud said...

I know I know, Starbucks is a major corporation that rapes a pillages small business but hey they make good coffee and its hard to not screw the world over these days.