Monday, June 11, 2007

My Costly Hilarity

Last week I was working at a company called Fibrelogic. We do a lot of work for big companies and it is always interesting to see how they are run. Some companies we work for are very strict with what we do and almost watch us the whole time we are there. Others don't really care at all. Fibrelogic are one of the companies that don't care what we do.

Last week I was there repairing part of their loading area. The loading area is compacted rubble and with the rain that we have had lately it has turned into a muddy mess. I was only supposed to be there for a day but as soon as I got there they came up with plenty of work fr me to do. In the end I repaired about 6 different areas and was there for a total of three days. One of the areas I repaired was an entrance to the building. It was very muddy so I dug it all out and put about 120 tonne of rubble back. I was told by the yard manager to do the work but once I had finished another manager from the office came out and went off his tree at the yard manager who I get orders from. Apparently they were planning on concreting that area in a week or two. So this week my job is to go back and dig out all the rubble I had put in and prepare it to be concreted. I don't know how this company makes money because it took a couple days for me to put the rubble in and now it will take a couple days to dig it out and prepare it again. Its going to cost them thousands for me to muck around for a couple of days and really not achieve anything. Oh well I'm still getting paid.

Bye now.

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