Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Coincidence

For some reason people have wanted to give us free tickets lately. The girl managed to get two free tickets to watch the crows play today, so we went. On the way to the game we stopped off to get Subway and stood behind an old couple when we were ordering. When we got to the game we walked around and went in to see Tilney cause sh works there and then found some seats. We had traveled about 15km from Subway and were among 45,000 people and we managed to sit next to the same old couple we had stood behind in Subway. Kinda creepy really.

Its a long weekend this weekend and I have all three days off. So far it has been pretty damn good. Friday night we had a million different plans but decided to head into town and go on one of Calvins uni pub crawls. We got there quite late but soon caught up and had a very good night in the end.

Yesterday consisted of the girl and I not doing a lot but then heading to one of her friends 21st's. It was weird because she only knew a few people and I knew absolutely no one so we both got bored pretty quickly. We stayed for the speeches and then headed out to Calvins house for a few drinks. A friend of ours from Manchester is over here in Australia and another friend has come back to Adelaide from Brisbane so it was a bit of a reunion. We ended up playing video games and drinking a bit of beer so the night ended well.

Tonight its back at Calvin's for more beer and BBQ meat. Bye now.

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