Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Big Nights

This weekend I drank a bit more than I normally do. Friday night we hit the 21st and then down to the Dublin for drinks for Elise's going away. It was good and I had a few drinks and an awesome yiros from Souvlaki Brothers. I know this is going to sounds weird but it was the first time I have ever bought a yiros. I have had bites of other peoples but never actually bought and eaten my own. How crazy.

Last night was big too. We started off at a 21st and ended up in town with a few people. There were a few dramas at the Havi but things kinda worked themselves out. We met back up with the group from the 21st but left pretty quickly to get a frozen pizza from a convenience store and headed home to cook and eat it.

Today was my day off and I had plans to do a million things. None of them got done. I got up late, watched the footy and did a lot of fuck all. I didn't manage to wash my car or head down the bay or do anything I had planned. Tonight should be good because the F1's are on in France so the girl and I are going to stay up and watch them. I'm excited, she isn't as much. Don't know why?

Bye now.

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