Friday, September 08, 2006

My Working Days

For the last two days I have been working for a guy who does steel constructions. I bored a heap of holes for him earlier in the week and he asked my if I wanted to help there later on in the week because he needed someone with concrete experience. I said yes because I'm always looking for work but looking back now I wish I had of said no.

He has about 6 guys who work for him and I'm sorry but they barely have a brain between them. He hired me as a supervisor to tell his guys what to do so that the poles would be in the right place and at the right angles. In the end it was just me and 3 of the guys. One was quite helpful but the other two were more of a hindrance than a help. It was a weird thing being the boss of to guys in their 50s and one guys around my age when I'm only 19. The problem was that these guys did not care if the work got done or if it was right because they were just working for someone else. I had to tell them to do every exact thing and it got very annoying in the end. I ended up doing most of the work because the guys either didn't know what to do or didn't really want to. I have to admit it was a pretty crappy job but they didn't make it any easier.

I finished putting all of the steel posts in this afternoon and let me tell you I was so glad to be finished with that job. Every now and then you get shitty jobs. This one was pretty bad but I got it done and I learnt a few things about being a supervisor style person. Another week down and the weekend is on my mind. Bye now.


cat said...

hello darling
well aren't you just the real life bob the builder? proud of you hehe
we should chat soon i miss u
go the crows!

Spud said...

hehehe, go me. I was so happy that the crows won... woot