Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Big Weekend Minus Photos!

So that's pretty much what happened. It was a pretty eventful weekend but I didn't really take any photos. Quite dumb really.

Friday night started when the girl headed off for a trial period at her new job. She found out straight away that she had the job which was great. I headed down the bay to meet up with Sam. We had planned to see a band called Poetikool Justice at the Jetty Bar but Sam read the flyer wrong and it was the next night, lol. We chilled out with Nicole and had a few beers anyway before we headed over to the Dublin Pub to meet up with Hoggot, Elise and their cousin Marco. On our way in we ran into Steve and Ben which was cool because I hadn't seen them for a while. We chilled out some more and had a few gin and tonics. We soon got bored of the Dublin so Steve, Ben and I decided to head off home. While walking back to our cars we walked past the backpackers hostel which is down the bay. There is a bar underneath the hostel and it is normally pretty busy. I have walked past it a thousand times but never actually headed in there so we headed in. There was a jazz band playing and a heap of couches. It was pretty relaxed and actually pretty cool. We had a drink and then it was home time.

Saturday started pretty late with a phone call from the girl. She came around to watch the footy before heading to work again. It was a good game but tragedy struck and we lost. It was the preliminary final so we missed out on being in the grand final. Its ok there is always next year. The girl left for work and I headed down the bay again to actually see Poetikool Justice. I got down to the Jetty Bar and ended up meeting up with a heap of people because it was a friend of mines girlfriends birthday. It was awesome to hang out with a different group of people and it with Poetikool playing it made it a awesome night. After the band we headed back to the backpackers hostel again but it was super quiet so it was off to the Holdy to meet up with more people. There was a line up of about 6 people which took way to long to get in, lol. It was good though because I got to hang out with more people I don't see al that often and it was a very decent night. The girl and I finally got home around 2ish and crashed pretty much straight away.

This morning the girl and I were both a bit sluggish because apparently when you drink alcohol you get hung over or something. The plan was to get out of bed but it took longer than expected. Once we were up we headed out to one of the girls friends places so I could meet some of her friends and get the 20 questions from one of her very close friends mums. It went pretty well and we ended up having a few drinks and a pretty good time. The girl and I headed back to mine for tea after meeting everyone but nothing was planned so we just went out. I ate too much as usual and still feel a little sick.

Tomorrow is another working week so I'm sure there will be a few posts. Have fun. Bye now.


cat! said...

talk to meeeeeee!!

Cholas said...

I thought that said a "backhacker" hostel. I got freaked out, thinking you'd gone to some place to learn how to kill people from behind.