Monday, September 04, 2006

My Pimpin

Well Saturday night was awesome. I ended up getting absolutely cut and having an awesome time at Bridies party. Thanks Brides, Happy birthday gorgeous. The night started with everyone coming to my house before we all caught a taxi to the party. The taxi showed up 25 minutes early and I wasn't even home at that stage so it made it interesting. The taxi guy didn't seem to mind waiting and was really nice to us in the end. It was crazy to see how all out some people went with there costumes. Mine was pretty bad but I still look bloody fantastic so its all good, lol.

The girl quit her job during the day on Friday so I got to hang out with her all weekend and at the party Saturday night which was great too.

Sunday I woke up feeling terrible and not so bad at the same time. It was weird. After I moved around a bit I was ok but for the first few hours I was very slow. Sunday really consisted of me just sitting on the couch with the girl watching footy and motor racing. I told her she loved it but I don't think she bought it.

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