Friday, September 22, 2006

My Day To Day

Well yesterday was pretty full on. Work was crazy! We poured a driveway and I worked way to hard in the morning. We didn't stop to get breakfast till 12:30 so I was so hungry I ate a hamburger with the lot, a hotdog with the lot and then $2.80 worth of chips, lol. The afternoon was pretty relaxed as we just cleaned up and headed back to the yard. It was a good day in the end but it was tough.

After work I came home, showered and relaxed before the girl came round and we had tea. We both had to play netball and neither of us were in the mood for it. We won which was good but it made both of us very tired because the game didn't start till 9pm.

I didn't work today because my old man went out to the race track at Mallala to drive a V8 supercar. It was bad because the money would have been nice but it was good because I slept in till 11. Good on me. Bye now.


Natalia said...

sleep till 11 - this is it! ;)

yully said...

At least it was not SSDD :)