Saturday, September 02, 2006

My Haircut

Today started with me and the girl heading down to the cafe at the end of my road to have breakfast with her mum and sister. It was really sunny and I was very squinty. I had to leave early to go and get a haircut and I felt rude but I couldn't do much about it. My hair is pretty short and when it gets cut its gets shorter... Sometimes. It looks ok so I'm happy. I get my hair cut at a pretty trendy sort of place and I think it is hilarious that everyone who works there is skinny and gorgeous and the girl who cuts my hair is the only fat ugly one, lol. I don't have anything against fat ugly girls I just think it is funny. She is really nice so that's all good.

I had to go shopping with the girl after I had my haircut and it was a challenge because I hate shopping for myself let alone waiting for someone else. I finally bought some hayfever tablets so I'm not so sneezey anymore. While I was shopping with the girl I popped in to see Steve and Rhys because they both work in that same store. We chatted about tonight because we are all heading to the same 21st. It is a pimps and hoes party so if I get drunk enough there may be some photos of me in my pimp suit and the girl dressed as a school girl. Interesting I know.
Well that's it for now. More as it happens.

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