Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My First Day Back.

Its weird how different routines affect you and how easily you can, in a way, become lazy. I worked hard last week and then had the weekend, Monday and Tuesday off because I didn't have any work and my parents were away so I couldn't work with my dad. This morning after having 4 days off I was quit surprised at how dopey I was in the morning. I'm not a morning person but normally it doesn't bother me and within a few minutes I'm up and ready to go but this morning I was groggy for a good half hour.

Work was pretty good. We just finished some things off and made some gear up for a job we are starting next week so I finished pretty early and am about to head to the Kentish Pub for a chicken Parmy with the boys.

Another highlight was that I received a few of the concert tickets that I have bought lately in the mail. I'm seeing Karnivool, Rise Against and Raised Fist in September and October so it should be a good few months.

I'm also still on 25peeps so keep clicking this link and this one to and click on my photo on the main page. Cheers


Hoggot said...

Hey guy. I'm home late can't sleep so i'm bored as hell. noticed you went here the other day so got the site out of history. Congrats on the jump from live action to electronic media. That Schnitty with gravy and veg was as always great. Going to Melbourne soon. Yay! Sunday off!!!!!! Anyway i'm so glad to hear you had a bath, you were starting to challenge Calvin for worst smell.....sorry i think that is impossible. Anyway my sister's name is spelt Elise. Notice the complete lack of a Y? Catch ya soon.
P.S. Maybe I will cave and do one of these things.
P.P.S Cat if you read this. hello.

Cholas said...

So yeah, Rise Against are playing in December. On my birthday, as a matter of fact. So unless you have some kind of weird time machine, you're not seeing Karnivool, Raised Fist and Rise Against in September and October.

Other than that, good effort.

Vesper said...

i'm happy you found seem awesome....and your profile pic is beautiful. i'd love to see more of you.

Vesper said...

haha i mean YOU seem SO awesome.....god long day.

cat said...

crikey go an admirer here wink wink.. hey hoggot