Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Biggest Post About Melbourne Ever

This is it. The Melbourne trip. I had a great time and it was so good to spend a few days having fun with good friends. You can either read all of this or just look at the photos, lol.

Well we made it to the airport with about 30 minutes till our plane boarded so we decided to head to the Coopers Ale House which is the bar inside the airport. After watching some planes come and go and downing a few beers we boarded our plane. We had a few more drinks on the plane so we were ready to go once we landed.

Celeste picked us up and it was so good to see her smiling face again because it had been 6 months since last time we were in Melbourne. We rushed back to hers and headed straight into town. The first stop was The College Lawn. We couldn't find any college or lawn but we drank anyway. The footy was playing in the background and we kept getting glares when we cheered for the non Melbourne team.

Celeste and some of her friends soon tired of the College Lawn so we headed to a place called the Blue Bar. They served long necks which are 750ml bottles so I had one of those and chilled out on some couches. After all the drinks and the jetlag from the 50 minute flight we were tired so headed home and crashed.

Saturday started quite late and we decided that lunch was the go so we headed down to St Kilda to eat at a Italian place on the main street. The food was great but we ended up ordering way too much. I had the terrible idea that a jagerbomb would help us so we had a couple in a very dingy pub just down from the restaurant. After food and drink nothing is better than walking along the beach so we waddled down and took in some sea breeze.

The idea on the way back was that we needed some alcohol for the trip. We stopped off at a bottlo and bought some beer and different assortments of drinks. We ended up drinking a fair bit on the 25 minute ride home and were a bit tipsy by the time we got back.

Celeste is the proud owner of a pinball machine so after watching the footy on TV and eating way too much pizza again Calvin, Layno and I stayed up and played pinball till the wee hours of the morning while the girl, Celeste and Hoggot all got a good nights sleep. It seems slightly sad that three blokes would sit at someone's house and drink and drink and drink and play pinball till six in the morning but it was just what I wanted. It gave me a chance to hang out with Calvin and Layno which I hadn't done for a while because of my work, their work and Calvin going to uni. It was pretty lame but it was a good night in the end. I ended up with the Highest score so I took a photo.

The three of us were awoken Sunday morning by the three who had slept the night before after 5 hours sleep. I felt ok but was still a little drunk and very sleepy. The plan was to have Mexican for lunch and then head to the zoo. It was going fine till I had a beer at Montezumas. This made me feel terrible and it wasn't till I choked down my second beer that I started to feel ok again.

We headed off to the zoo which was an odd thing for me because I hadn't been to a zoo since I was in year 3 at school. It was fun to see all the animals but I was still feeling terrible and was starting to get even sleepier. A nap was the next plan but it ended up with us watching back to the future 3 until we were all hungry enough to decide on a place for tea.

We made a quick stop off at the Melbourne observation deck to take in the beautiful skyline. I visited the lookout deck last time I was in Melbourne but it was during the day and I have to say the lights were spectacular.

Italian food was on the plate again so we headed to Ligon Street which is the main street for Italian restaurants. The food was good and the ice cream after was even better. On the way home their was another call for drinks and the night started off again.

Back at Celestes again we watched some TV then decided on drinking games. I felt so bloated from all the beer from the last two nights so Layno and I decided to get gin for gin and tonics. They went down well but it didn't take long before we all became a bit lazy. There was a few more games of pinball and then it was time for bed.

Celeste and Adam had shopped on Saturday and bought food for a picnic so we made the easy decision of going on a picnic in the botanical gardens. The grass was wet so we ended up sitting on plastic bags which made it a weird experience.

Last time I was in Melbourne Layno and I had come over for the F1 racing. We had a day to ourselves when Celeste had to go to work so we walked around the main CBD. We discovered a cool bowling alley so we decided to take everyone there this time. I did really well in the first round and won but didn't fare too well in the second and bowled forty something.

We packed all our gear back into our bags and realized we couldn't take any of the alcohol that we had bought the previous day back with us. So with an hour till we had to leave for the airport we drank half a bottle of gin, a couple Jim beam and cokes and way too much beer... Between three of us. By the time we made it to the airport, Calvin, Layno and I were drunk again. We made it through all the security checks and had 15 minutes before boarding which left us just enough time for a beer at the bar.

The flight home saw another three drinks, a very funny flight and the end to a great trip. I got home, did nothing and then crashed.

I woke up this morning for work feeling pretty average. I was tired, maybe hung over and not real happy about work. We poured a small concrete pad and then headed out to pick up our new excavator. Its a bit bigger than we thought and only just fit in the back of our truck. On the way home we were just about to pass under a bridge when my dad looked at me and said, wow, I hope we have enough clearance. The bridge was 4.2 meters high. We made it. Back at the yard we decided to see how high the boom was sticking out of the back of the truck. It measured in at 4.1 meters!!!! Ten centimeters was way to close! At least now we know, lol.

That's it! I'm going to bed now. Bye


Cholas said...

Fucken, I want a pinball machine.

Good work on getting the top score, guy. If I had the amount of alcohol you had, I wouldn't be getting top scores. I'd be falling asleep inside the pinball machine and letting the whackers slowly whack my feet as I pass out.


Odd image.

I didn't even know it was your birthday until I read it on here. Time to put a reminder in my phone, so that next year I can forget it's your birthday until I look at my phone.

Or read it on here.

Whatever's easier.

Rolly said...

just to say hello.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun :)
Nice pictures - thanks for the peek at another part of the world! Life really is pretty much the same all over, isn't it?

cat said...

the best part about this post is the name on the back of the excavator

Hoggot said...

We had 4 rounds on the plane home guy.
I'm all about accurate accounts, and you were far too drunk to remember anything.

Spud said...

Hahaha, nice pick up catty poo. I was way to drunk to be flying. Cheers for the hello's guys.