Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Big Chat

Last night I ended up chatting to my friend in Malaysia on MSN for a few hours. Its really weird because I used to be on MSN talking to people just about everyday when I was at school but the moment I finished I stop using it. I think I have probably been on MSN ten times in the two and a bit years since I have left school. Its weird how things change.

Today was an exciting day for a few reasons. Firstly my parents bought another house. It is on a large block so we are going to demolish it and build a warehouse on it, much like the others they own. Secondly me and my old man where looking at buying a 5 tonne excavator because we need something a bit bigger than the 3.3 tonne one we have now. We had looked around for a few but bought one today. He told me that he is still going to keep the 3.3 but the new 5 tonne one will be the one that I operate so that is pretty cool.
That's it for now. Have fun.


Stocker said...

Nice blog, mate. Good pick up at the auction. Can I ask what your old man was willing to bid up to?

Spud said...

I dont think he wanted to go much above 375. Where abouts is your office?

Stocker said...

Won it by a mile then. We're at 1/36.