Friday, September 15, 2006

My Up Up And Away

Ok so tomorrow is my birthday and im not all that excited but it will be cool to be 20. I'm flying to Melbourne tonight with Layno, the girl, Hoggot and Calvin to meet up with Celeste. It should be an awesome weekend and I am sure I will have a million photos to post when I get back. Just a short post because I haven't had a shower or packed yet and we are leaving in an hour, lol. Bye now.


cat said...

so its your birthday and you are in melbourne and i am in malaysia. crazy world hey? sad that i'm missing it but also happy that you are currently drunk after downing a pack of cruisers or something. i'll also tell you i now have a myspace too, simply because it is so much cooler to have two blogs to stuggle to write in than just one. miss you dood.

Vesper said...

Happy Birthday!! hope you had a great time.