Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Rainy Day

Alright so I'm sorry but there is only one thing funnier than someones umbrella blowing inside out in the wind and that is someone getting splashed by a truck. Especially when I was the one driving the truck. It was kind of an accident. It was hilarious though. I might be an ass hey?

This week has been pretty good work wise but the weather has been disgusting. It went from torrential rain to sunshine and heat to unbearable wind. The wind picked up at around 12 and didn't slow down. It was horrible and it only made the dust worse. I got home and was covered from head to toe in dirt. It was even in my ears.

Last night was a bit of an event. I organized to get everyone to the Kentish to listen to my make Coutts' band Ibis play. They got a gig on the Adelaide Uni radio station and played a 45 minute set. We had tea but didn't want to stay at the pub so headed back to Calvins to listen. They were good too. They played a couple covers and a few of their own songs but sounded really good and cracked a couple jokes during the set which were terrible, but still funny in a Coutts way. If you want to give them a listen check out their Myspace page at Myspace/Ibisrock. Do it.

As well as the music being good, it was a great night. A whole heap of people turned up and even Layno came even though he was flying out to New York this morning. Its going to be weird in the next couple of weeks because a few of my friends are heading over seas. Layno is hitting New York for a work thing and Hoggot is heading over to Europe to see the girls, Susi and Jess. I'm running out of friends. Maybe I'm the reason they are all leaving, lol. BYE!


JaG said...

Somehow I doubt that!

Thanks for your sweet birthday wishes the other day :-)

Spud said...

Haha I hope not either.