Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Easy Easy

I had a good day today. We didn't have a lot on so decided to finish up some small jobs. The first job was to level out the backyard of a house where we had previously poured the foundations for a big addition. They had decided to build a deck on from the addition and needed a level start. After a bit of a scrape with the bobcat, a bit of soil here and a bit of soil there, we were done. The next exciting job was a small concrete pad. The owner of the house was planning to re-do the pattern pave on his driveway but wanted to extend it slightly. It was going to be an easy job because the concrete just had to be flat and the finish did not matter. The only problem was that we had to wait forever for the concrete. After two hours it finally arrived and we learnt it had come from Norlunga which was about 45 minutes from the job. There had been a bit of a mix up and that is why it took so long. We were not happy because it made an easy quick job an easy long job which sucked. It was easy though and the day was done. Woot.

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