Sunday, March 30, 2008

My old phone died last week so I went out and got another one. Its pretty small which is a bit annoying but there wasn't a huge choice because in my line of work a flip phone or a slide phone wont last long because of the dirt and dust so I have to get a pretty standard sort of phone. The one I ended up getting is pretty cool though and it has a better camera than my last so that is a bonus. I put up a few photos I have taken so far from work and stuff. They are over at The Spud Photo Blog so check them.

This weekend was relaxed. The weather has changed dramatically from being over 35 degrees for 16 days in a row to being quite cold, around the 20 degree mark and it has taken it out of me. We relaxed Friday night and watched some movies and after working Saturday I wasn't keen for a huge night Saturday night. Even though it was the lovely Nicole's house warming the girl and I only stayed for a few hours and were home before twelve to take on some well needed rest. Today was like our normal Sundays with us just chilling out and relaxing. We watched a bit of TV including the new series of Gladiators. Now Gladiators used to be on TV in the nineties and it was a average show involving contestants taking on Gladiators in different challenges and games. The show is much the same and still hilariously ridiculous. It was slightly entertaining but I don't think it will last long. Byes


Brynne said...

Answering back on your comment on my new space. I would probably go a little crazy if I had high walls. But with the low walls it's not so bad also I think that space is about a 6 by 8. and considering that most of the cubes are high walls and are only 6 by 6. That I couldn't handle. I have to agree with you on the Gladiators I am suprised they brought it back. Definitely laugh value. but if it lasts till 2009 I will be suprised.

Spud said...

I don't think it will even make a couple of weeks. lol.