Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Up And Down

This week has been a really odd, up and down week. Somethings have been good and somethings have been bad. Well life has been good but work has been shit. I don't know what it is but this week everything has been going wrong and my old man and I haven't been getting along at all.

The girl and I went to the motor show Thursday night which was pretty cool. There wasn't a huge amount to see but there were a few stand outs. Holden released the wagon version of my car and a two door version of my car which looked absolutely incredibly and pretty much stole the show. There were also a few of Holden's concept cars on show which was great too and the Efigy hot rod was there as well.

Friday sucked so badly. I had the worst day and was not in the mood for anything when I got to the girls house. We had organized to go out to tea with Groke and his overseas friend Line, pronounced Li-na, but I also found out Hoggot was having farewell drinks at the Dublin so as usual we were double booked. We went to tea and that cheered me up so much it was incredible and I was happy for the night. Groke has just come back from overseas so he told us all his stories and we spoke to Line about her home and all about Australia and what not. She is from Norway and had the most incredible bluest of blue eyes. She was really cool so it made for a good tea. We finished there and invited them down to he Dublin to celebrate Hoggots temporary going away. We had a few drinks but didn't stay long cause the girl and I were both tired and were staying at hers so there was a long drive back to her house. She fell asleep in the car and I nearly did to so it was an adventurous drive home.

I had promised to get the girls mum some soil for her garden a few weeks ago but hadn't had the chance to actually do it yet so Saturday I drug myself out of bed and went and got some. I manages to get about three times the amount she needed but she was still over the moon. Once I had spread it all around for her I grabbed the girl and we headed back to my house so we could get ready for Ashley's 21st which was that night. On the way we decided to pick up her present, a jewelry voucher for a Pandora bracelet. We stopped at the Bay but couldn't find a Jeweler so went to Marion and were told no one there sold them so had to rush back down to the Bay and with 5 minutes until they closed, bought it.

We got ready and caught a lift to Ashley's with Hoggot. The party started really slowly but after an hour or two more and more people came and it turned out to be pretty good. The speeches were pretty long but not as bad as some of the other 21st speeches I have sat through lately. I saw some people I hadn't seen for a long time including my friend Briny who has been overseas for over a year. It was so so good to see her again and we had a good ol chat. We left pretty early because Hoggot was heading home to pack and the girl was feeling a bit under the weather but I didn't mind. I wasn't in the mood to party so a chilled out night was fine with me.

Today it was off to the airport again. This time it was to farewell Hoggot for five weeks while he cruises around Europe with Susi and Jess. We nearly slept in due to daylight savings changing but made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We walked through the metal detectors and talked to everyone for about 3 seconds before the idea of going to the bar was pitched. We all cheered and made our orders for beers and scotches and dry and took no notice of it being 10am. We had one round and then it was time to say our goodbyes and after a lot of extended waving Hoggot was out of sight and there was one less. A bit depressing but at least he is only gone for a few weeks.

The highlight of today however was the fact that the Crows beat Port Adelaide in the AFL showdown. The crows suffered a lot of injuries and ended up having tree players on the bench due to being knocked out but still pulled off a really good win which was bloody fantastic. Byes


Brynne said...

Wow sounds like you had a good weekend. See my weekends not that exciting. so it's nice to read other peoples blogs and hear about all of the fun that they have. What is that third car pictured? PREETY!!!! I probably would not be able to drive it without hitting the curb or something cause it looks really big but it's pretty.

Spud said...

Yea it was a pretty good weekend. The third car is a concept car that the Holden motor company made here in australia. Its called the Efigy.