Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Home Alone

Well its official, the girl and I are home owners.... For the next six weeks anyway. We have been really busy with just life and everything else lately. Its been weird living at the girls mums house by ourselves but it has been good. We incited Tilney and Luke around Wednesday night for tea and had a bit of a laugh which was good. I had to do all the dishes after which was a challenge. I never knew four people could make such a mess.

It was a good week though and the weekend was just as good. We went out Friday night to the Holdfast Hotel to see Steve's band, The Lost Show, play. They played after a band called Shickle who were ok but not really my style. There was a bit of a delay before their set due to not having any microphones because the Holdy does not supply mics and they never told the guys that. They had to drive back to the drummers house to grab some mics and then race back. They started about 15 minutes late but pulled it all together and played an awesome show to a really good crowd. There was a lot of people we knew there but also a lot we didn't and everyone was into it. It was easily there best show I have seen them play so that was really good. The girl and I were both really tired after working all week and so headed off after they finished playing. She fell asleep in the car and I just made it home. It was such a good concert though.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and doing washing which was ok. We watched the footy which the crows won and then watched the motor racing which Holdens won which made me smile. The girl has been a bit sick lately and a bit under the whether so she decided to have a bit of a quiet one Saturday night. I headed back down to the Bay to celebrate Courtney's 21st birthday. I went to school with Courtney but she now lives in Ceduna in the states north. She was back in town for a week to celebrate her birthday and spend time with her family. It was really good to catch up with her and everyone who was there. I had a quiet night and headed home around 11 which was good because I wasn't feeling that partyish. Work really took it out of me this week. I had a few early starts and working by myself really took it out of me. It was a good week though.

I am finally going to put some photos up on the Spud Photo Blog so do check them out and if you could go and check out The Lost Show myspace and give them a listen because if you saw them Friday you would have fallen in love with the music. Bye now.

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