Monday, April 14, 2008

My Oily Day

Today was a good day and it went well until the afternoon. My dad is unwell at the moment so didn't work today which left me to go to a job to rip up some concrete and dump it. I had taken one load to the dump and had just about finished loading the second when I got sprayed with hydraulic oil from the bobcat. I was lifting the last bucket into the truck and upon opening the bucket a hose burst and covered me, the truck and the bobcat with oil. It sucked hardcore. The only saving grace was that it wasn't hot. Last time a hose broke on me I had been using the machine for about 3 hours and the oil was red hot and burnt me. I would have had an easy early day but in the end I had to struggle to get the machine in the truck and then get the hose replaced. It was an ok day before that happened.

The weekend was pretty good. The girl and I had tea Friday night with Cat and her boyfriend Sean and it was a pretty cool double date thingy. All four of us were tired due to such a flat out week and so ate tea and then headed home without ice cream to get some rest. Saturday night the girl and I drove up to Aldgate for the 21st of one of her school friends. The 21st was quite good and very emotion for her friends and family because the girl fell pregnant when she was 16 and managed to raise her son while finishing school and now studying and working. Her son was soo funny and during the speeches walked up and fell asleep on her feet. It was damn cute. The other highlight was during her brothers speech. He got a bit lost and stopped to find his place on his notes and came out with the line "I got lost, I think my cursive is too cursive'. It was gold. Not a bad night really.

Life is going to change a bit for the girl and I for the next couple of weeks because the girls mother leaves tomorrow to tour Europe for six weeks. It means we have to stay at her house almost every night instead of going back and forth between both of our houses. Its going to be good because we have so much freedom having the house to ourselves but its going to be hard on the girl without her mum because they and so close. She will love the trip though so thats a good thing to think about when we say goodbye tomorrow.

Anyway, I plan on putting up a huge amount of photos on the photo blog so check them in the next day or too. Woot. Byes.

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Elaine said...

So glad the Sunday funnies abated and you have blogged again :)