Monday, April 28, 2008

My Anniversary Weekend

The weekend was absolutely amazing. We headed off Friday morning and enjoyed the scenery on the drive up to Tununda. We had looked at a few different places to stay but in the end picked the expensive one. We were unsure if it was worth spending the extra money but once we got there and saw the units we were very happy. Our accommodation was situated on the side of a hill over looking a huge valley. We had our own little self contained unit with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a room with a two person spa in it with windows looking out over the valley. It was heavenly. We had plans of going into Tununda and some of the surrounding towns but got sidetracked and just had a spa instead.

After our spa we drove into the town of Lyndoch and had tea at the Lord Lyndoch which was a really great place with different but incredible food. We ate too much as usual and then headed back to the unit. The wasn't a light too be seen over the valley and it was incredibly peaceful.

Every morning we woke up to the sun rising over the hills and shining in our bedroom. The unit was an open plan and had sliding glass windows all along one side which provided amazing views. Saturday started at a reasonable hour and the girl and I enjoyed complimentary breakfast before driving into Tununda to have a look around at the town and the Wineries surrounding it. We had a look at the car dealership that I have bought my last two cars from and then walked down to a huge furniture store called Wohlers. Wohlers is full of custom made furniture and was very enjoyable to walk through. The furniture is exquisite and ranges from small coffee tables to a table that could seat 22 which would have looked more at home in a castle. The furniture, though, is very reasonably priced and then girl and I found a dining table that we would love to buy when we own our own home.

After seeing the sights of Tununda we started hitting the wineries. I don't drink wine so was more interested in the buildings and people than grapes but enjoyed it anyway. The first winery we stopped at was Cockatoo Ridge and after hearing that I wasn't a wine drinker, the girl being the counter presented me with a sparkling black which she said most beer drinkers liked. Being polite I said it was different but it was utterly horrible and it was off to the next one. The girl bought a few bottles of different wines and we enjoyed our few tastings. The only low light was wine snobs. At one particular winery there was a group of people who obviously knew nothing about wine but thought they had better sound snoby anyway. They were incredible rude to the staff working there and treated the girl and I like we weren't even there. The funniest part was that the girl and I had one taste and ended up buying a box of wine and after tasting the wines the other group did not purchase a thing. I think they were just out to get pissed for free. Bloody wine snobs.

We relaxed after our hard day of cruising around with another spa and then decided to get take away pizza and come back to enjoy our view/room. We ended up with the best BBQ chicken pizza the world has to offer and an incredible night.

We packed ourselves up early Sunday morning and the weekend was over. The room was a bit pricey but god it was worth it. It was absolute bliss and made for such a relaxing weekend. I would do it again in a flash and it made for a perfect anniversary weekend.

This week has been pretty crazy so far, but more later. Byes.


Brynne said...

you weekend sounds lovely. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. I'm sure the sites were fantastic. In response to your comment about my sister. Since she didn't know she was in the frame yes she definitely didn't want to be in that picture. She'd probably kill me for taking it and not warning her that hey by the way you are still in the frame. Oh well. Traffic of a busy hospital waits for no picture so I just took it and kept walking.

Coutts said...

The best BBQ chicken pizza the world has to offer? That's a big claim, but since it's from you, I'll believe it.

I don't think wine snobs are the problem. Anything-snobs are the problem.

[I haven't left any comments for about a year before I forgot my password. But I just found out I don't need an account to post stuff. So woohoot for that.]

Spud said...

Well welcome back Coutties, long time no type. It was the best pizza ever, easily And yea fuck snobs.