Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Karnivool Atmosphere

This week has been really really good but so flat out its not funny. Work on Monday was the easiest with us just digging the footings for an addition and bathroom. Tuesday was a different story. I worked by myself Tuesday because my old man was on another job. I had to put all of the reinforcing steel in the trenches and get it ready so we could pour it today. God damn was it a struggle. The job would have been a easy three quarter day for two guys but by myself I nearly died. I could barely lift some of the steel for the trenches and then dragging the 72kg sheets of mesh around was a huge struggle too. I got it done though but I was absolutely dead on my feet.

Just as I was leaving the job I got a message from Layno asking me if I was going to see Karnivool that night. I had already bought a ticket but had forgotten it was that night. I made it home and recovered for a short time before heading back into town to meet Steve and Layno for pizza. We chilled out and enjoyed our meal and a beer before heading to the gig. We went in and just caught the end of Mere Theory's show and then decided to go across the road to the Colonel Light Hotel for another beer. We chatted for a while and then headed back in to meet up with the Rogers boys and to see the start of Karnivool's set. As usual the concert sold out so there was a huge crowd there and as usual they put on an incredible show. They are such an intense band and the crowd was really into all the new songs they played as well as trying to compete with Ian the singer in the old songs. This is the fifth time I have seen them and they are one of the only bands that I will always go and see just because there live shows are so incredible. It was a really great night in the end and after the Karnivool boys played about 30 minutes over time I headed off. I didn't get home till 1am and was up five hours later to go back to work. I did not want to get out of bed that morning, believe me.

Wednesday, thankfully, was a really easy day for me. I did two loads of concrete from a job to the dump and then brought 60 tonne of rubble from a quarry to the same job. It was a relaxing day driving the truck. It was exactly what I needed though, but I was still buggered when I got home that night.

Today we poured the job that we dug Monday and I steeled up Tuesday and it went really really well. It was a tough day physically but everything went smoothly and by 3pm we were finished. I needed an early day and even though today is only Thursday it felt like Friday and that felt fine to me.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day which will make this weekend a long weekend and it means that it is the girl and my two year anniversary. Looking back on what has happened in our relationship it feels like so much longer than two years but in the same regard it doesn't feel like two years has passed. After two years we have become so close due to everything that has happened and everything we have experienced. We decided we wanted to go away somewhere so we booked a unit over looking the Barrossa Valley for Friday and Saturday night. It should be a really relaxing and peaceful weekend so I cant wait. Happy Anniversary my gorgeous girl. I love you.


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