Monday, May 05, 2008

My Big Update

So its been a while between drinks really hasn't it. Last week was one big crazy time. Work was crazy because my parents were going away and we had a huge amount to get done before they left. We got most of it done but I have still been left with about six weeks work to do in a month while they are gone. I went out a lot last week as well. I did tea with Cat and her sister Ness and also got Mexican with Tilney. Both nights were really good. Its so good to catch up with those guys and its so good to have friends thats even though we don't see each other every week its still as if we see each other every day.

Friday night I went out with Sam and Nicole to the Ed which was something almost new because I hadn't been to the Ed for a long time and it has been even longer since Sam and I have hung out. Sam and I used to do everything together but now a days with me working full time, him working full time and us both living pretty flat out lives we don't catch up as much. I hate it but it seems to be the way things are going these days. It was good to chill out and laugh about all the stupid things we talked about. I miss hanging out with Sam because he and I both have the same observational humor at other peoples expenses. We hung around till close and then chatted in the carpark for a while about the weekends past and the weekend to come. The main reason for catching up was to talk about the speech we were both planning on doing at Joyce's 21st which was Saturday night. After about four hours of talking we had not mentioned the speech and so both said to each other, meh we will work it out and then headed home.

As I mentioned Saturday night was Joyce's 21st. He had asked me about a month beforehand to do a speech and I was honored but couldn't think of much to say. Joyce is a hard man to describe, and I didn't want to embarrass him with too many stories so I decided to have a few drinks and wing it. It went pretty well and was a lot better than some of the other speeches. It was a joint party and the girl who shared it with Joyce had her brother speak. He described a night were she had brought home a guy and he had stayed over at there house. During the night he got up and had to make a bowl movement. He told the story of how it woke the whole house up because it was so loud and then went on to describe it as someone pouring cold custard into a bath tub while someone else let go of a balloon. It was different. The funny part was that the girl tried to send a message to one of her friends saying "This dude has just taken the loudest crap I have ever heard" but instead sent it to the guy and when he walked back into her room his phone beeped with the message and she absolutely froze and then burst into hysterical laughter. It was an odd story.

The highlight of the night came when a group of us were out the front enjoying some fresh air when a guy came up to us, pulled a card out of his wallet which burst into flames, to which he lit his cigarette. We were shocked and then found out he was an illusionist. He did numerous tricks which were mind blowing. One of them involved him hovering a gym membership card above the ground for a while before floating it back up to his hand. It was incredible. We all were blown away and plan to see his show on Wednesday night. I guess good publicity works.

Last night, finally, we caught up with Steve to play the new GTA4. Steve and his girlfriend Bridie and the girl and I had dinner at a pizza joint near his house before returning to play the greatest game ever. The highlight was landing a helicopter on the Empire State building before falling off and landing and crushing a car. It is ridiculously good. It was so good that I am considering forking out $500 dollars to buy an XBOX and the game. If someone wants to buy me one though that would be great, cheers.

Anyway this week should be a little less hectic even though I have a 280 square meter concrete pour to organise as well as a few other jobs. I will actually post some bloody posts this week too so watch out for that. Also I posted about 100 photos up on the Spud Photo Blog so check them out. PEACE!


Anonymous said...

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cat drives a bull ant said...

oh look phil, now you can get your xbox and go to jaiL!!!

Spud said...

haha I know, bloody scammers. Hello cat, where have you been????