Thursday, June 28, 2007

My European Goodbye

Today was a day that I had not been looking forward to. It was a hard day and it changes my life in many ways. It made one friendship more distant and made one more complicated. Two of my friends left today to travel and work in Europe and I'm so happy they are following their dreams but it sucks for me, god does it suck. I'm going to miss them and the worst thing is that I dont know when I'm going to see them again.

This week has been very flat out and very hectic and today was probably worst. Its not going to get any slower though. It started with Tilney's birthday at the Coopers Ale Houe where I ate the biggest chicken parmigiana I have ever seen in my life, followed by pancakes. It then went to Sam's birthday and another good night at Chalkers and peaked today. Tomorow night I have a 21st with the girl followed by another friends farewell. Thankfully they are only hollidaying for 6 weeks. Saturday night is already booked out with a 21st and then later on partying at the Havi with Nicole and the girls. Sunday night I am booked for another 21st at the cassino which will definitely go late in the morning. Before I know it it will be next week and it will start all over again.

Its all good though. Today was hard and I'm still a bit down about saying those two phrases, "Goodbye Susi", "Goodbye Telf". But everything else is great. This week has been beer and skiddles with a few little down moments but nothing I cant handle it. I cant wait for the weekend and to hang out with certain people who I haven't seen for a long time. People who have been away at home and people I just haven't seen due to exams.
All good and all love. Bye now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Laptop Liason

Ok so if you thought my posts were full of typos before just you wait. I'm on the girls laptop because I am staying at her house this week and the keyboard is ruining everything. I'm just not used to flat odd keyboards.

Saturday night was a good night. We drank it up with Susi and Telf to celebrate their going away and also made it over to say happy birthday to the awesome Tilney. The night ended about 3ish and by then it was definitely time for home. I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty averagely average and didn't do much for the rest of the day. The girl and I drove out to her house and chilled out with her mum before staying up and watching the MotoGP which was won by Australia's Casey Stoner. It was a brilliant race and in the end there were two Aussies on the podium.

I have worked through the wet, windy and cold weather this week but it hasn't been too bad. The work we have been doing has been pretty cushy and most of it has been on machines so that's always good.

Tonight we are heading into town for Tilney's birthday. We are grabbing tea and then heading to the Pancake Kitchen for desert. Should be a good night.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Friends Away

Tonight is a going away party. The worst thing about going away parties is that they are always good. The parties are good but the reason for the party is the thing that sucks.

Two friends of mine, Susi and Jess, are leaving next Thursday to head over to Europe to live and work for the next year or so. Susi and I have always been really close friends and seeing her leave is going to be so hard. Tonight we are starting with tea at Susi's and then heading into town. I'm also double booked tonight and am heading over to see the lovely Tilney at the Havi for a few drinks in early celebration for her birthday. Today also marks the end of exams for everyone who is at uni (not me!), so it should be a big night.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Star Unkown???

Last night Cat and I did our usual dinner thing. We ate too much Mexican then drank coffee to make us feel better but it always makes us feel even worse so then we walk around for a while to relieve some of the stomach pressure. Last night was bad though because we both felt very very full to the point that we felt quite sick. It was funny though.

While we were sitting up stairs in Starbucks we both realized that we had no idea why it was called Starbucks or what the logo was. After a few minute we realized it was a mermaid. Today I before I go out in the freezing cold for work I thought I would do some Starbucks research.

Starbucks was started in Seattle by three partners and was later bought out by another coffee company which absorbed the Starbucks stores and name into its company and became the Starbucks group. The name was thought of by one of the original partners and comes from a the character Starbuck in the book Moby Dick. He was a huge fan of the book and wanted to use the name Pequod which was the ship in the book. After being told it was a ridiculous name he decided on Starbucks.

The logo is of a twin tailed mermaid or siren and over the years has had a few small changes. It has become a very recognizable logo.

Well thats about it, had to cut it short because its time to head off to work. Bye now.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Week That Was

So this week was absolutely crazy. Work was a struggle because of the whether, I went to gigs galore and even managed to make it to two birthdays.

The early week was pretty quiet. I stayed at the girls hows from Tuesday on so just chilled out with her and her mum. Wednesday night the girl and I went round to Calvins house to chill out with everyone and watched some episodes of Hero's and the Mighty Boosh. Nothing too exciting but still fun. Thursday night is when the week got its ass into gear. I went to see Against Me play at Fowlers Live. It was really surprising but the gig didn't sell out and the place was only about half full. Even though the crowd was small and when the band came out to start playing they had absolutely no sound for about 5 minutes while the roadies worked frantically, it was still an incredible show. The Against Me boys have a very strong stage presence and really got the crowd going. The high light was seeing a guy get on stage from the audience and decide to jump into the mosh. The problem was that he jumped too far and just landed flat on the ground. He got up straight away and seemed fine. The best part is he managed to get on stage again later in the set and jumped when he jumped out into the crowd he missed and hit the floor again. Guess it just wasn't his night.

Friday at work dragged due to the late night before but once I was finished I was into it again. I met up with Layno and the boys and we got a quick bite so eat before heading to Fowlers Live again. This time it was to see Karnivool, a Western Australian band that I have seen once before. The gig sold out about a month ago so the crowd was packed in. The two support bands were very good but were put to shame compared to the sound that Karnivool turned out. They played some incredible songs and mixed it up a bit. They have such an incredible live sound and intensity that it almost takes your breath away, between sending shivers down your spine. I bought one of Karnivools new hoodies and I think its awesome. It has a dragon fly on the front.

After the gig Layno and I popped in to a bar called the Botanic for Soph's birthday. I met Sophie through Hoggot's sister Elyse and we are quiet good friends now. It was good to see all of that group because lately we haven't caught up as much as we used too. By the time we got there and had a drink it was getting late so I headed back to the girls house for a few hours sleep.

Saturday at work went even slower than Friday due to the big night before. The old man and I poured a garage floor and it really took it out of us. I got home just in time to shower and get ready to head up to Sam's house for his 21st. There were a lot of his family and family friends there and it was good to see all the faces. I ended up doing a speech after being told I was doing one about an hour before hand but everyone said I pulled it off pretty well. It turned out to be a very good night and a fair few drinks were had by most. I nearly danced but got out of it luckily.

Sunday, well, not much happened Sunday. The girl and I had to pick her car up from Tilney's because she drove it home from Sam's but apart from that not much else high lighted.

Today was a big day. We poured the last big pour up at the job I have been working at in Sterling. It was a relief to get it done because I'm sick of working up there. Its always cold and rainy and today was no different. We put 240 tonne of concrete into the footings and it rained the whole time. By the time we finished I was wet and cold to the core. We got it done though.

Tonight is Mexican night with my friendly friend Cat so that should be good. Bye bye byes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Long Time

Ok so this week has been crazy and I haven't had time to write. I still don't have time to write. I will be back for more tomorrow k. Byes

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Costly Hilarity

Last week I was working at a company called Fibrelogic. We do a lot of work for big companies and it is always interesting to see how they are run. Some companies we work for are very strict with what we do and almost watch us the whole time we are there. Others don't really care at all. Fibrelogic are one of the companies that don't care what we do.

Last week I was there repairing part of their loading area. The loading area is compacted rubble and with the rain that we have had lately it has turned into a muddy mess. I was only supposed to be there for a day but as soon as I got there they came up with plenty of work fr me to do. In the end I repaired about 6 different areas and was there for a total of three days. One of the areas I repaired was an entrance to the building. It was very muddy so I dug it all out and put about 120 tonne of rubble back. I was told by the yard manager to do the work but once I had finished another manager from the office came out and went off his tree at the yard manager who I get orders from. Apparently they were planning on concreting that area in a week or two. So this week my job is to go back and dig out all the rubble I had put in and prepare it to be concreted. I don't know how this company makes money because it took a couple days for me to put the rubble in and now it will take a couple days to dig it out and prepare it again. Its going to cost them thousands for me to muck around for a couple of days and really not achieve anything. Oh well I'm still getting paid.

Bye now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Coincidence

For some reason people have wanted to give us free tickets lately. The girl managed to get two free tickets to watch the crows play today, so we went. On the way to the game we stopped off to get Subway and stood behind an old couple when we were ordering. When we got to the game we walked around and went in to see Tilney cause sh works there and then found some seats. We had traveled about 15km from Subway and were among 45,000 people and we managed to sit next to the same old couple we had stood behind in Subway. Kinda creepy really.

Its a long weekend this weekend and I have all three days off. So far it has been pretty damn good. Friday night we had a million different plans but decided to head into town and go on one of Calvins uni pub crawls. We got there quite late but soon caught up and had a very good night in the end.

Yesterday consisted of the girl and I not doing a lot but then heading to one of her friends 21st's. It was weird because she only knew a few people and I knew absolutely no one so we both got bored pretty quickly. We stayed for the speeches and then headed out to Calvins house for a few drinks. A friend of ours from Manchester is over here in Australia and another friend has come back to Adelaide from Brisbane so it was a bit of a reunion. We ended up playing video games and drinking a bit of beer so the night ended well.

Tonight its back at Calvin's for more beer and BBQ meat. Bye now.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Relief

Everything is always good. There are things that worry me and things that bother me but normally everything is always good. This week though things have been tense.

Just after the girl and I started going out her mother went into hospital to get a small cancer removed from her bowel. Today she went in for her one year scan. After the surgery she had endless complications with her kemo treatment and so not a lot of the treatment was successful. Today the test came up all clear. It is only one year on but it is a very good first step. I'm so happy, overjoyed and relieved, this scan has been on all our minds for months but this week has been hell. I'm just glad everything seems to be going well.

Yesterday, due to my dads injury, I only worked in the morning. I went and saw my friendly friend cat at work and then headed to the girls house to chill out. She had uni stuff to do so we headed into town so she could visit uni quickly. It was very exciting, just lots of printing and coffee, you know, the usual uni stuff. On the way home we stopped off at her local pet shop to buy some more fish for her fish tank. I had never been to the pet store with her before and to my surprise they have a Kookaburra that lives in the store. It was injured when it was young and someone brought it in to be looked after and it has stayed there ever since. It was only small but still cool to see so close. Down at my farm we have a lot of wild Kookaburra's but you never see them that close. They are quite large birds and I have seen them kill snakes and fly off with sections of it in their mouths.
Today was oh so cold. It rained and was windy and pretty awful. I was on machinery all day so it was ok but I still froze.
Bye now.

Monday, June 04, 2007

My Big 200!!!!!!!

Well this, today, is my 200th post. Quite amazing really for a blog that I started to get me out of studying for my exams a year or so ago. Its been weird lately because after going through a phase where I struggled to write once or twice a week I am back to writing most nights. Its good, I guess. Well I think people like it?

Well today was kinda average really. It started early for me because I stayed at the girls house last night. I got up and drove to the yard where all our equipment is but got a call from my dad who said to just come home because the weather was pretty bad. It was raining quite heavily so we couldn't do much till it cleared. By about 9am we were bored so decided to bear the rain and headed off. We have been building an awning to cover some of our machines and some racks to hold some of our crap. We were working away when all of a sudden I heard my dad yell out. It turns out that he fell from one of the machines and had hurt his ankle quite bad. It had swollen up like a balloon and didn't look nice. We decided to have lunch at that stage.

After a bite to eat he headed home and I dropped him off so he could ice his ankle. I had to head out to a job we did last week and clean up a few things and grout around a few pillars so I did that then did a few odd jobs at the yard and it was home time.

Isn't it weird that sometimes you find your self in deep thought about the simplest things. Sometimes when I'm driving I have a habit of having odd thoughts. Well not odd but just simple things like writing or something I'm going to do when I get home. The weird thing is how deep in thought I can get. Quiet odd really.

Anyway thats it for the big 200. Wasn't really that big. It was 200 though.

Bye now

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Saturday Night

After working all week in the rain and the freezing weather, I'm sick. I felt a bit average last night but this morning I wasn't good at all. The girl and I got up and went out to watch one of her friends play soccer and I felt average but was ok but as soon as we got home from that I went down hill. I watched the footy for a bit but then fell asleep and slept for most of the afternoon. Due to all that sleep this afternoon I'm wide awake now when I want to be sleeping.

The girl headed out tonight with the girls so at least she will have a good night. Meanwhile I'm here wide awake. I hate being sick. Bye now.