Monday, March 03, 2008

My Weekend Away

Last week was an up and down week. My day Thursday was terrible. I rang for concrete at 10:30am and they told me it would be there at around 12. I waited and waited and rang them four times. Every time I rang them they told me it was on its way. It didn't come until 3pm. I was not happy. I didn't finish until 7pm so I was not a happy chappy. It should have been a pretty easy day but it turned out to be a terrible one.

Friday was a better day. I did an easy job up at Lonsdale that involved me holding using one of our excavators all day so it was good to have an easy day and to finish early. The girl and I just relaxed Friday night because of the big day and weekend we had ahead of us.

Saturday was the start of a road trip up to Wirrabirra. Wirrabirra is about 3 hours north of Adelaide and we were heading up there for the weekend for Luke's 21st. Luke is a country lad who lives in Adelaide while attending university. I met Luke through a friend, Calvin, a few years back while I was still studying at uni. He is a top guy and so we were all very excited about the road trip and a night in Wirrabirra.

We got up there at about 7pm, just in time for the festivities to start and after such a long drive we sunk a few beers pretty quickly. A few people from Adelaide made the drive but it was mainly Lukes friends from the country so we mingled and talked to everyone. After way too many beers and a bit of punch that Calvin made me scull I had had too many drinks and crashed to bed. The girl and I slept on the fold out couch in Lukes room where as a lot of the others slept in swags or just on the ground. Calvin's room mate Jason managed to pass out on the ground at about 12 and didn't wake up until 8am the next morning, crazy kid. It was an awesome night in the end and I felt it in the morning. I felt shocking. After Calvin and some girl called Chloe dragged me out of bed I finally went outside and wasn't very happy about it. The girl gave me no sympathy but Lukes sister gave me an egg on toast, so I ate it and felt a little better. After Calvin and I drank about two litres of lemonade we were ready to head home.

The drive was pretty good. The car ride back was the same as up there with the girl and I, Calvin and his girlfriend Eliza and Eliza's friend Courtney who on the way up was quiet because she did not know us but turned out to be an absolute crack up and a really nice chick. We made it home but didn't get to productive and I ended up falling asleep on the couch watching the cricket. Not a bad weekend though.


Elaine said...

I can remember living life at your speed....only just remember ...the 70's

Spud said...

Its great isnt it. I guess you have to make it last while it can last.

Anonymous said...

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