Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Update Post

God its been a long time between posts. Its been hard lately. I don't know why but I have found it really hard to find the time and to get motivated to blog. I want to but just don't get around to it. Its weird.

God the weekend was massive. I didn't eat any easter eggs but I did eat a lot of Toblerone and I drank a shit load of beer. The fun started Thursday after our plans to go down to Callums shack at Port Elliot were canceled. Our closest option was to head to Calvins to play poker and drink beer. It was a good relaxing night and even though I lost poker I managed to, after Shoana fell asleep, put a whole bunch of Doritos on her head. It was funny.

Friday I decided to have a few people around at my house for a few drinks and a bit of fun. It was just a few of us but it was a good night and then girl and I were very drunk by the time the others left.

Saturday was a different story. I decided to have a bit of a party and rallied people to my house for a big night. It was a big night too. It ended up being the girl and I, a lot of usuals as well as Shoana and some of her friends. Its always good to have a few people you don't know because it makes for a good party. It was. We drank and played drinking games and sang and drank some more. The girl and Calvin's girlfriend Eliza crashed at about 2 when a few people left and at 5am when I went to bed there was still a few kicking on. It was a really great night, it was a bit crazy but it was such a good night but I paid for it Sunday. We all payed for it, we felt terrible. We got Fasta Pasta for lunch because it was the only thing open on Easter Sunday and then sat on the couches in my living room and watched Family Guy. It was a good end to such a huge night.

The girl and I relaxed that night and Monday went the same. We had to pick her dad up from the airport so stayed at mine that night.

Its amazing though how after four days off you lose interest in work. Tuesday morning I did not want to be at work. I made it through and but today was a bit the same. Its been a bit of a shitty job and I'm working with a guy who is useless so that makes life hard. I cant wait for the week to be over because that means its the weekend again. Woot.

I put up a few photos the other day on the Spud Photo Blog of an event the girl and I went to the other night. It was called the Northern Lights. It involved some of the government buildings on North Terrace in town being lit up by different lights and images. It was a bit of a pensioner event but it was really amazing to see and I'm glad we went. They lit up the old buildings with different colours to make then look quite amazing. So check those out. I will put a few photos up of work things and a few party photos so look out. Check them here The Spud Photo Blog. Byes.


Suzie said...

how do I see the pics??? and glad to see you're writing again :)

Spud said...

Hey sooz. Sorry i forgot to put the link in the post. If you go to my other blog, all the photos are over there.