Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Poker Night

Tonight was an interesting night. The girl was working a late so I put the idea out that we should have a poker night. Calvin came up with the idea of going to a pub and playing in the APL. The APL is a free poker league that is played in pubs. There arn't any real prizes unless you win and go to nationals and all that crap but its still pretty good fun, or so I had heard. Tonight was my first APL night and it was a weird experience.

We ended up at the Challa Hotel which is on Torrens road and the nicest way to put it is that its not the nicest suburb. On my table was Calvin, an asian guy who kept cracking jokes but no one could understand, a women who weighed about 160kg and had maybe 4 teeth, a women who was mid forties and dressed like a teenager even though she definitely shouldn't have a few other randoms and me. They were all really nice people but just a bit bogan. Calvin and I were wearing shorts and T shirts but managed to look like a million dollars, lol.

I did pretty well for my first time. I was all out with about 15 people left in the competition which almost got me to the last round but I didn't mind. Calvin did a bit better and would have made it to the final table but got put out in a crazy draw. I am a member now so I think we will be playing more often. Maybe at a classier pub next time. It was a good friendly night though so I'm sure we will play there again also.

Another highlight of the night was driving to Calvins. I saw a red Mitsubishi which had something written on the back window. When I got closer I could read that it said "I'm a slut" in big spray painted writing. As I got even closer I realized that someone had hit every panel on the car with a hammer. It made me chuckle a bit because I would hate for that to happen to someone I know. Obviously she made someone very unhappy. That is an extreme way to deal with it but a bit funny none the less. Maybe I'm sick, I don't know. Byes.

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