Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Girls New Job

My girl got offered a new job the other day and it means stars in the sky and a buzz in life for both of us. She has been working at the Womens and Children's Hospital in the theaters off and on for many years but for the last twelve months or so she has been working casually, but with not enough hours. She has been struggling with the lack of hours and working night shifts, earlies and late shifts. The new job is in the office coordinating the patients. Its nine to five, Monday to Friday so it will give her so much more stability and make her life so much easier. I'm so glad she was offered this because she needs it so badly. The extra money and better hours are only a small part, its the stability of having a regular job with a consistent pay check that is the major thing. I'm proud of her too because she has worked hard to get this and she was chosen ahead of a few other people. She starts tomorrow and I think she will do well. Plus I think she is one cute secretary!

Work today, for me, was long and average. The work I have been doing lately has been pretty average and I have been working more as a laborer which is a bit crap because I don't like doing that. I have been working by my self a lot but not on one man jobs so that has been a struggle. Life is so much easier when there are two people. Trying to do a two person job by yourself takes three times as long and it gets so damn frustrating. I have a break tomorrow because we are going to a different job that involves me being on an excavator for most of the day so thats a change. I little change is all we need hey?

I have been listening to a lot of Rage Against the machine lately. So thats why.
In the beginning... Was the funk... And there were renegades.

More photos up on The Photo Blog so check them and... Byes.

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Elaine said...

Oh I do hope that the regular hours bring her some relief from the headaches too