Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Week Alone

This week has been a weird week. My olds went away for the week so I have been working by myself. Its been good but just weird because I don't normally work by myself so much.

I did a few jobs this week but the biggest one was to fill in a fiberglass pool. I smashed up the fiberglass mold and carted it our through a single car garage and then removed all of the concrete that surrounded it before filling the pool in. The worst part was that because its been so hot the dust was shocking. I came home one day and was covered in dirt head to toe. Not good. I washed it off in the shower and there was so much dirt on the floor, I felt like I was outside in the winter time.

showI had an interesting day today. I had to take our 5 tonne excavator out to the other side of town to get one of the hydraulic valves fixed. It took me almost an hour to get out there but once I was there I learnt that the guy I was supposed to see about it didn't up for work today and no one else there knew anything about it. I wasn't very happy about it but in the end I had to leave it there and he was going to have a look at it on Monday. It sucks though because its means I have to make another trip out there. I thought the service was pretty poor from a registered Caterpillar dealer.

Tonight is an event. Its my best friend Cat's 21st birthday. Her actual birthday was on the 7th but her party is tonight. It should be a good night and I plan on having a few beers, woot. Byes

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