Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Working Week

This week was a weird one. I worked for the first three days with a bloke named David. Now the best way to describe David is that he is a 57 year old chain smoking, alcoholic who works as a concreter. The problem is that he is a really good concreter. A really good concreter who only wants to finish concrete. I had to do all the work like wheel barrowing and shoveling all of the concrete. I then had to work to finish the concrete and then clean all of the boards and tools before setting up for the next day by my self. It sucked. What sucked even more was that I was the boss but its so hard to tell someone who is over 30 years older than you to do the job that you want them to do.

Its so hard working with people like David because he is such a good concreter its just he doesn't want to do any hard work. I found myself doing everything after about 2pm because he would just stop and smoke. We got the job done but after three days I was glad to be working with my old man again.

I feel sorry for David because as I said before he is a chain smoking alcoholic and that is all he has in his life. He asked me if I could pay him because he was worried he wouldn't get paid and he told me he only had 55 cents left. I could pay him and he was relieved. I didn't realize it until after that he really only had 55 cents left, to his name. I had to drop him off at the bank so he could cash the check and catch the bus home. David lives with his parents, who are in their 80's and drinks and smokes away every cent of his pay. He owns the clothes on his back and nothing else. Its sad because he earns good money but has absolutely nothing to show for it. He is a nice guy but he is a challenge to work with sometimes. I guess you have to feel sorry for him though.

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