Monday, March 10, 2008

My Long Weekend Heat

Its been so hot. This has been the longest stretch of over 30 degree weather in March ever. It hovered around 40 degrees all weekend and barely cooled down at night. We had a lot planned for this weekend but because of the heat we barely managed to get out of the house.

We fizzed Friday after a long week of work and heat we decided not to go out and just relax. We were supposed to head down to Henley to the Ramsgate to celebrate one of our friends, Groke's, homecoming from his world trip but it was a 45 minute drive from the girls house and neither of us wanted to make the trip. We ended up just chilling at hers, watching movies and falling asleep by about 9:30.

This weekend the V8 Supercars were racing at Eastern Creek in NSW so during the day Saturday I watched the first race while the girl chilled out. We got all dressed up and headed down the bay for Ash's 21st at the Backpackers. I was looking forward to having a good night and there was a great crowd there but it was just too hot. Everyone was just dead because of the heat and after a few hours and a few beers and a lot of water the girl and I headed home pretty early. Ashley seemed to have had a good night so that was a bonus.

We had talked Saturday night about going down to a friend of ours shack down at Carickalinga which is a beach side town near Yankalilla. We found out Sunday that we couldn't go down because it was being used so the girl and I decided to head down to my farm. We let in a bit of a spur of the moment decision but it was so good to go down there. On the way down I showed the girl a few different places we had worked lately and we stopped at the RSPCA animal home to look at the dogs and cats. It was great to see all the animals but bad because both of us wanted to take about 12 dogs and cats home.

We got down to the farm and it was hot. We unpacked and cranked the air conditioner to cool the house down and after trying to think of something to eat for tea decided to head into Victor Harbor to get McDonald's for tea. The food was average but we went down and eat it by the beach and it was great. We didn't watch the sunset but it was still perfect. We got back to the farm and cracked a few beers. In the end we got pretty drunk just for the hell of it while we watched TV and it was a good night. We came home today and enjoyed the drive home.

I took some more Super Nintendo games that I had bought from EBAY down to the farm and played them for a bit. When I got home I bought a heap more so they will be fired up next time we go down there.

My parents left to go on holiday yesterday so this week I am working by myself for a few different people. It should be good because I don't mind working by myself and it gives me a bit more freedom so that should be interesting. Byes


Anonymous said...

Elaine said...

That made for a good read as I took a break from locking all the windows and tying down all outside objects now I just need to find the candles and we will be ready for tonights forecast blizzards and 80mph winds :)

Spud said...

We have had a record breaking 11th day in a row of over 35 degree celsius heat and its not going to let up until next week. Its crazy.

Brynne said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I'd rather have extream heat like that or all of this snow. although the snow makes it really hard to get around. Atleast with the heat if you have air it's not so bad. That's no good it's been so hot there. bet you're looking at the snow wishing you could jump into it right now.