Monday, March 17, 2008

My Taquila Iced Tea

Wow, so the weekend was massive! Started Saturday night at Kristen's house warming/birthday party then went along to the lovelovelovely Cat's 21st at the British Hotel. It was a good night. Plenty of old faces who I was happy to see again and plenty of friends to have a few drinks with. The night was ticking and once the speeches were finished the party started. Cat was hilariously drunk and the girl and I were ticking on too. The girl and cat bought Long Island ice teas and sipped. Cat didn't need any more alcohol but the girl wanted another so I got the next round. The dude behind the bar was new and didn't know what a Long Island ice tea was so I'm guessing he made it up. I ended up with two tall glasses half filled with vodka, the other half with tequila and a splash of red bull on top. I took the first sip and just about fell over. It was nasty. The girl mixed half of hers with a glass of water and struggled to drink it while I took tiny sips and kept pouring red bull in. After about a half hour we had finally finished them but we both quite intoxicated at that stage.

The party slowed a little and we got kicked out of the British because they were closing so the idea was put up to go to the Woolshed. Now for people who don't know what the Woolshed is, its a bar in the middle of Adelaide that everyone who is from the country goes to. They love it but it doesn't have the greatest reputation among us city folk so keep it down that I went there. We got there and hid our faces as we walked in. There was country music cranking and lots of bogans and flannel wearers. We did have a good time which I am embarrassed to say, lol. After a few drinks the girl and I were gone and ready to leave. A taxi home and we were out like lights. A really good night though. It brought back memories of the old days at school and some crazy times at the Goody pub so it was all good.

Sunday came too quickly and neither of us were ready for it. We awoke with heads a banging and more sleep needed but had to shower and leave the girls house to pick her car up, which was left in town the night before. After some McDonald's we drove up to Flinders Uni to watch Steve's band The Lost Show play a set at Scorchfest which was a huge event with 56 bands on 4 stages. We got there to see the first band who were four of the skinniest white guys with long black hair, black makeup and loads of studded jewelery. They played some crazy heavy screaming music and then left, the crowd wasn't really into them so their set couldn't finish quick enough. The next band was a band called Dark Horse. The had an older sound a bit like Led Zeppelin and were really really good. They had some really good songs and the crowd really liked them. Next up was The Lost Show and even though it was so hot they put on a really good energetic set. The crowd got into them and most people were nodding by the end so that was good. We didn't stick around for long after they finished playing and headed home to relax on the couch and watch the F1 Australian Grand Prix. The girl fell asleep for a few hours and a snoozed on the couch so it was a good day. Byes.


Elaine said...

Hey tis good re-living my misspent youth through reading your blog .

Spud said...

Ha thats really cool. I am glad you enjoy it.