Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Incredible Day Out

My god it was a huge weekend. It started Friday with the Big Day Out. We started down at Glenelg were the girl and I had breakfast with everyone before doing Jagerbombs at the Jetty bar and then driving/tramming our way to the show grounds. There was about 12 of us so we couldn't fit in one car so the girl drove some of us and the rest caught the tram. The day was off to a good start.

We got in the gate after all the lines and then had to line up straight away to get alcohol tokens. They have a system at the BDO where you buy tokens and then exchange them for alcohol but it sucks. All you do is end up standing in two different lines instead of one. After another line we met up with the tram goers and headed into the main arena to see some music. The first band up for the day were a band called Operator Please. I had heard some of their music before and wasn't really a fan but on the day they kicked ass. They played a few covers and they were an awesome starting band. Next up was Anti Flag who I like but I didn't know how good they would be live but as with Operator Please, they kicked ass. They played an awesome set and really got the crowd going.

After Anti Flag finished we all split up and bit and a few of us went and saw Gyroscope over on the Green Stage. I was really into Gyroscopes old CD but didn't really listen to their new one but they were still really good. We cruised around a bit after they finished and got some food which as usual was incredibly expensive before heading back to the main arena to see Midnight Juggernauts who were talked up a bit by Sam. We got there about halfway through their set and I'm sorry but I thought they were crap, terrible in fact. We suffered through the rest of their set and then Regurgitator came on. I have never been a big fan of Regurgitator so we didn't really watch them that intently.

The Hilltop Hoods were the next band on after the Gurg and the girl is a big fan of theirs so we decided to head int the D to crank the mosh for Hilltops. We only just made it in because it was full and got a good spot before Hilltops started. It was really hot outside of the D but in the mosh it was unbearable. The girl lasted a lot longer than I thought she would have because it was pretty rough and so so hot but after about three quarters of their set we got out and headed to the back. We were both boiling hot and she was suffering a bit because someone stepped on her foot awkwardly and it was bruised already. He chilled out and enjoyed the music and fresh cool air before seeing the start of Grinspoon before heading out.

We went to the beer tent to get some brewskies and to chill out for a bit and recover. We watched Grinspoon on the huge screen and met up with everyone we had lost during the last few bands. We decided to take it easy and get some food before getting ready to see Karnivool who started at 6:40pm. We ate and chilled out in some shade in front of the screen and watched a bit of a band called Arcade Fire who might have been the worst band I have ever seen. I don't know how they got a gig at the BDO let alone on the main stage at a good time. They were terrible. There was about 15 of them on stage all playing different instruments but none of it sounded any good.

After a bit of chilling out we were pumped and ready for Karnivool. Karnivool are one of the reasons I bought a ticket. Thy are always awesome live and didn't disappoint. We didn't go in the mosh because we were all pretty rooted at that stage but got a good position just back from it. It was a good decision not to go in because for most of the show three massive guys were fighting until one of them was dragged out unconscious! The set was incredible and Karnivool as usual put on an amazing show. It was definitely worth buying a ticket just for them.

After Karnivool we had another wait before Brand New started. We decided on seeing the start of their set before going back over to the main stages to see Rage against the machine. I only know Brand New's old songs so I was hoping they would start with old stuff and they did. They started with a bang in fact with their drummer and another having a drum off in an acoustic jam session with extra guitarists and the vocalist going crazy on one of the drum kits symbols. After that was over they got right into a few old songs that we knew. I was very impressed.

We stayed as long as we could and then ran over to see the start of Rage. We didn't didn't think we had a very good spot because the whole main arena was packed but in the end it was perfect. The girl had to go to work at 10:30pm so she watched three of Rages songs before heading off. I had planned on walking her to her car but was really worried when I found out I couldn't get a pass out to allow me to get back in. We pleaded with the security but they said they couldn't do it so I was just about to walk out with her and miss the rest of rage when she said she would ask a police officer to walk her. She headed out the gate and took about two steps before realizing a bouncer from the bar she used to work at was standing right there. He was about a foot taller than me and about a meter wider so I thought she would be pretty safe. I ran the whole way back to the beer tent and then back into the arena to catch the rest of rage and in the end I only missed two songs which wasn't bad. Rage Cranked! They were incredible, the singer Zac had a few political rants which was awesome and they ended up playing a bit of an encore so we definitely got our moneys worth. It was totally worth buying the ticket.

After everything finished up I met up with everyone to work out how we were going to get home. We decided, like the other thousands, to catch the tram. As we walked out the 4 lane roads were turned into pedestrian paths and we blocked the road most of the way down to the tram station. We got there just as one was leaving and then had to wait a good 15 minutes for the next. Getting on the tram was a challenge and it ended up being a huge push. It was a little bit like a rugby scrum actually. We made it on though and managed to stay on after a few people were kicked off because it was too crowded. The ride was hilarious with a few drunk guys and us having a laugh at different people expenses. The highlight was the whole tram parting to make an isle for people to get out and off the tram. Once off everyone gave them a rousing farewell with cheers and clapping.

We were the last to get off because Glenelg is the last stop so we stumbled out and decided that a Yiros was the best thing for the moment. We all got our food, Steve and Bridie headed home and so we headed up to Hoggot's sister Elyse's unit to eat. After a quick tour of the unit, devouring a Yiros and a stint on her balcony I was ready to head home. We got a lift with Elyse back to Sams car and then he dropped me back at mine. I barely managed to have a shower without falling asleep and then I crashed.

It, as usual, was an awesome day. This was my fourth Big Day Out and it was awesome. The only down side was that I got BUUUURNT. I don't know how but I managed to get fried. In our earlier years Sam and I got fried at the 2003 BDO and swore it would never happen again, but it did. I applied and re-applied sunscreen but still got fried on my forehead and neck. Oh well, the day still kicked ass. Photos on the Spud Photo Blog too.

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