Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Let Down

This weekend was an odd weekend. Friday night the girl and I went out for drinks with one of her friends who is back from Melbourne for a few days. He is a firefighter in Melbourne but him and his wife are from here and come back every few months. It was good to see them but it was a huge let down because he was quite drunk. Every time they come back they organize drinks and he gets really drunk. It sucks because we want to talk about everything and how their life is in Melbourne and when he is intoxicated he is a bit of a joker and doesn't say a lot. It was an average night in the end and the girl was especially disappointed because this is about the third or fourth time in a row it has happened. I don't know what to say because I am the same but sometimes I think its possible to party too much or at the wrong time.

Saturday night started in the same way. Our plans for Saturday night involved going to one of my ex girlfriends 21st's. The only way to describe our relationship now and the way the night went is awkward. We are kind of friends but due to the way that the relationship ended and the fact that she stalked me for a long time, we will never be good friends. We don't ever catch up like some ex's do but I agreed to go to her 21st's because it was the right thing to do. We had a house warming to go to after so we decided to get there pretty much as it started and then leave pretty early. The only problem was that when we got there it was my girlfriend, me and my ex. Awkward. Hoggot said he would get there early too but did not show up until about a half hour later. I could have killed him.

Once all of my friends got there we started talking and it all went pretty smooth. It went smooth that is until we went to leave. For some reason there weren't many people there and when my friends started to leave a lot of the people who we didn't know started to leave too and when the girl and I finally left there was only about 5 people and her family left. I felt so terrible about leaving, let alone how awkward it was. It was not a good start to the night.

After the most awkward party of my life the girl and I headed down to Elyse's new place for her house warming and that made up for the start of the night. There were a lot of happy, awesome smiling people there and we had fun. I talked to an old friend Julie for the first time in many many years and found out how she was going in life and everything else so that was nice. We left at a decent hour and headed home so the girl could rest her head. It had been thumping for most of the night so she did well to last as long as she did. Little trooper.

I'm looking forward to this week. Hopefully by Wednesday I will have my full HR truck license so I cant wait to get that done. Byes


KhunJon said...

I'm new to blogspot, and I wanted to leave an 'overall' comment but I don't see anywhere to do it; so I'll do it here.

I think you write extraodinarily interesting stories; so I'll be coming back often.

khup khun krup,
khun jon

Spud said...

Wow thanks a lot. That means everything to a blogger. Thanks. I will be sure to visit your site too.

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missc said...

GOod LUck with your License!! =)

Elaine said...

I was hoping your girl may have had some relief from her headaches with the new meds :(