Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Big Day Come Late

Its the Big Day Out tomorrow in Adelaide and I didn't have a ticket until today. Massive Woot. If you dont know what the Big Day Out is and you live in Australia then come out from your mushroom but if you live everywhere else then it is a huge music festival thats goes all day long and is reasonably nuts. This year the headlining bands are Rage Against the Machine, Silverchair, Bjork and Brand New. There are loads of other bands and a heap of Australian bands playing so its going to be an awesome day.

I had planned on buying a ticket ages ago because it normally sells out but I never got around to it and by the time I did, they were sold out. But yesterday I heard from Layno that a mate of his had a spare and it was mine. The girl got a ticket today from another friend so we are Big Day Outing it tomorrow. There is a big group of us going so it should be an awesome day.

Some of my best memories from the last few years have been Big Day Out days. I remember the first one I went too with Sam and Hoggot and I remember the last one I went to which was two years ago. Slipknot played that year as well as John Butler and it was an incredible day.

I cant wait till tomorrow and I cant wait to see Rage Against the Machine, Karnivool and Brand New. I just hope I don't get sunburnt like I do every year. I will take buckets of photo's so I will share them with everyone at a later date. Going to be awesome, might see you there.

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