Monday, February 04, 2008

My Big Day and Huge Weekend

After the huge day we had Friday the weekend didn't slow down. We had Brent's 21st Saturday during the day and although we were supposed to be there at 12:30 by the time the girl and I got up it was 1pm. We were stuffed from the Big Day Out and the girl had only had a few hours sleep after working all night. We managed to get our shit together and I picked Calvin up from the Bay before heading to Brents. We cracked the first beer at about 2pm and it cured my hangover. There was a different crowd at Brents so we did a bit of catching up and talked about the Big Day Out and different stuff.

We left there at about 5:30pm and drove up to Treloars new place for a house warming. We stopped on the way to pick up some alcohol. Calvin and I ended up buying a six pack of beer and two four packs of cruisers. I know it sounds girly but they were so easy to scull in the car, lol. I bought the beer and then ran out so Calvin had to pay for the cruisers. He got paid out by me and the girl who served him so it was fantastic. We only stayed for about and hour at Treloars because we had to rush home to get dressed and fed before Kosta's 21st. Rhys was at Treloars so we spoke about his trip that he had just been on to Europe and Blake was there after he got our of hospital. Blake is a plumber and was working with an Oxy torch when he dropped it and it exploded. We suffered second degree burns on his hands, arms and legs and has to wear burn socks for the next twelve months. He said the doctors were hopeful there wouldn't be much scaring which is amazing. We did a tour of the house which is awesome and then headed home to wolf down some Risotto before dressing up all shmick for Kosta's 21st.

We got to Kosta's on time which was a change for the day and got straight into the beers. It was quite a big party and there were a heap of people I knew there. I did the usual and wandered around chatting to everyone and it was a really great party. The speeches were short and sweet but really good and then it was back to partying and drinking. The girl and I left very tired and very drunk at about 1:30 and after giving Luke a lift into town in our taxi headed home and fell asleep before our heads ever hit the pillow.

Today started slowly and didn't speed up. I was tired and hung over and the girl was tired. We got up and ate and I watched the cricket while the girl slept to get ready for her night shift tonight. The cricket was washed out which was disappointing because Australia was going to win.
All in all it was an awesome weekend. It is definitely going to take me most of this week to recover though.

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