Monday, February 04, 2008

My Poor God Damn Forehead

I'm freaking peeling! I got burnt on my face and neck on Friday and I have just started to peel. I hate being burnt more than anything and today at work it was hot and I had to wear a hat to stop myself getting even more burnt and it was hell. The only thing worse than being sunburnt is something rubbing your sunburn.

Enough of my rant though or this will turn into a "Grinds my gears episode". Work today was actually pretty good despite the whole sunburn thing. We worked on the new trailer we bought and it is almost finished so that is great. I had my car at home so after work I grabbed some clothes and headed to the girls house for tea. We had some awesome soft tacos and then chilled out. She left for work at about 9:30 so I have been bumming around on the computer since. I watched a little of the super bowl but we only get the replay here and I knew who won so I wasn't all that interested. I'm not a fan of either team so that didn't help. Bring back the 49er's golden years I say, lol.


missc said...

ugh!.. i hate being burnt too!!.. when I get too much sun I normally get a rash.. suxs.. =(

Spud said...

I know. Getting burnt is the worst feeling.

Suzie said...

oh POOR YOU ;)

I'm fucking freezing my ass off here in snow and cold rain brrrrr...but ya peeling is dirty ...time to go tanning so I can be like you :)))

Spud said...

Yea peeling is nasty. I wish we got snow here, its so cool. haha literally.