Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Pass

I passed! With flying colours actually. I am so relieved. I knew I was going to pass but its still a bit nerve racking. I forgot my log book and didn't realize until I was about 2 minutes from the driving place so I had to rush home and grab it and rush back. I made it there but was 5 minutes late. The test consisted of driving around town doing different maneuvers for two hours. I didn't stuff up at all on the drive and in the end got 98% for road rules, only because I pulled out and one car had to slow down which technically isn't giving way and I got 96% on all the gear changes. You need 90% on road rules and 80% on gears to pass so I did pretty well. Its a huge relief to have got it.

We are heading out to the Baccus Bar at Henley to celebrate so after a few beers I don't think I will want to go to work tomorrow, lol. Oh well. Life goes on. Byes.

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