Monday, February 25, 2008

My Race Weekend

This past weekend was an odd one. I felt flat out because a lot happened but I didn't really do a lot.

Friday was a huge day. We started out by getting breakfast at a place in town before heading in to see the V8 Supercars at the Clipsal 500. We walked in a got a really great spot on Pirie street. We were right on turn 7 and it proved to be one of the best spots on the track. There were a few crashes in front of us as well as some great passes and a lot of sideways cars.

The best parts of the day were both on a off the track. There was a big crash were a Porsche spun out and hit the wall right across from us. An old Charger from the Touring Car Championship spun and just touched the wall in the same spot as the Porsche but the funniest part of the day was when the driver got out and ran down to the fire marshals area. He was quite round and managed to look like was sprinting even though he was only moving at a quick walk. I have never seen someone move there arms so fast with no effect. There were a few other spins in front of us as well as dozens of cars getting airborne over the curbs. Just as the utes came out for the last race of the day it started raining so that provided a lot of entertainment because they slid everywhere.

For some reason people were very comfortable with coming up to our group of people and standing really close to us to watch the race. There was nothing wrong with it, it just only happened to us. People would walk 200 meters down the track and then stop and push in between us and watch the race. It was weird. About two groups down from us a guy fell asleep in his chair and had his mouth open for about two hours so that was entertaining too. It was a good day.

We stayed at the girls house Friday after the racing so Saturday morning we drove back to mine to watch the start of the 500 at mine. The day slowed down after that. We sat on the couch for most of the day and then after not finding anything to do on Saturday night we sat on the couch, ate pizza and watched a whole season of Family Guy. It sounds lame and boring but it was a good Saturday night. I needed a weekend off because lately it has been 21st after 21st and for the next few weekends its a lot of the same so a Saturday night chilling out at home was good.

Sunday revolved around watching the rest of the Clipsal 500. The last 250 kilometers was the best of the whole weekend. There was a lot of great racing and a huge crash that took out 3 Fords which made my family happy. In the end Jamie Wincup won. He is a Ford driver so that wasn't good but a lot of Holden drivers did well so that made up for it.

The cricket was on as well Sunday and Australia scored a huge total and India put up a great fight to almost match it. Australia won by a bit in the end so it was a great game. In between the two innings the girl and I went for tea with Hoggot, Emma and Layno. We did the usual, which lately hasn't been the usual and got Mexican and Ice Cream while talking crap, lol. It was a really great dinner though. Its been a long time since I have seen Emma and it was good to catch up.

Not a bad weekend really.
I have posted more photos on the Photo Blog and will continue throughout the week. Byes

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