Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Worry

Its weird how no matter how long or short it is a holiday is a holiday and no matter how short or long the holiday is, its always hard to go back to work. The last two days have been a struggle. Monday I had no interest at all and today was just as bad but for a different reason. The girl has had bad head aches and migraines ever since I have known her but lately they have been terrible. She has been missing a lot of work and hasn't been able to do a lot lately. Today she went to the doctor to find out what could be done. She had a CT scan to make sure there wasn't a tumor in her brain or something major but luckily that came up negative. It was very very stressful today waiting for the test and test results and I am so relieved everything is ok. She has been given some stronger pain killers and a preventative medicine so that when she feels a migraine coming on she can take it and it will relieve the pain. I hope it makes her life easier because its been a struggle lately for her.

I also put a heap of photos up on the Spud Photo Blog of my trip to Wallaroo and of a job we did today which involved moving a 20 tonne press, so check them out. Woot. Byes.

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Elaine said...

How is your girl? is the medication starting to help?