Monday, January 07, 2008

My Fishing Trip

The girl and I had planned to head up to Wallaroo Friday night after I finished work but I managed to take Friday off so in the morning the girl raced out to get her boat license and then we headed up at about midday.

For some reason I woke up Friday morning feeling terrible and felt average for most of the drive up. Wallaroo is two hours north of Adelaide and it took most of the drive and a hotdog from a place called tuckertime to make me feel better. It was a good drive though. The girl and I just chatted and listened to music.

We found the street the house was on using the girls phone which has a GPS built into it and arrived at about 2:30pm. We unpacked our gear and I got introduced to everyone and then we headed out to see the town. We went for a walk down the huge jetty and then saw a bit of the town and then grabbed some food and beer. Where we were staying was right on the marina and it was a beautiful spot. We ate tea and had drinks and chatted to everyone before hitting the sack around 12.

Saturday morning started really early to get ready to go out on the boat. I woke feeling dreadful again but soon felt better once I ate a ham and cheese toastie and then it was into the boat and off off and away. We headed out of the marina and up the coast for a ways before stopping and drifting for squid. I hadn't done a lot of fishing before so this was just about my first time. I didn't really know what I was doing but managed to catch, reel in and then lose my first squid. I caught one a short while after which made up for it. Then the day slowed down a bit. In the first hour we caught more than the whole rest of the day. The girl felt a bit sick because of the way we were drifting so we headed further out to sea and anchored so we could fish for Gar and I got bored. We didn't really catch any and it was starting to get really hot and I was losing interest. We motored out even further and spent an hour fishing for Whiting which we did not catch and by the time they agreed on coming in I was very ready to hit land. I didn't get sea sick at all which was good but I did get quite bored when we weren't catching anything. We got back to the marina at about 1:30pm and I showered and had lunch to refresh.

The girl and her dad went out in the afternoon for a few hours to catch crabs but I decided not too because I had lost interest a bit and it had gotten a bit rough so I didn't want to risk getting sick. They caught a few fish and a few crabs so they did alright without me. That night everyone was pretty tired from fishing so after eating quite late we crashed and watch Gladiator on TV.

Sunday, again started pretty early. The girls dad and uncle had planned to take us quite far down the peninsula to fish but the seas were quite rough so we split up. Her uncle went out with some of his fishing mates and the girl, the girls dad and I went just out of the marina to look for Gar and Whiting. It was pretty rough but not unbearable and to my surprise I didn't feel ill at all throughout the day. One thing was different though. About three minutes after the first cast, we caught a fish and that continued all day. We caught about 25 Gar, 1 Whiting and 2 squid before it got too rough and we had to head in a bit before midday. At that stage I actually didn't want to come in so it was a bit of a turn around from the day before. The fishing was good and I caught most of the Gar which was cool. The highlight was when the girls dad had a line in for Whiting but was helping the girl and I bait and untangle our lines. He wasn't paying attention to his line until the girl noticed it wiggling. He reeled it up to find a Whiting attached to the hook and a squid attached to the Whiting. The squid slipped off as soon as it hit the air but after throwing in a few squid jags we got it in the boat and it was a monster. It had eaten a bit of the Whitings head but I was told it was still ok.

We relaxed in the afternoon and the girl took a nap and then so did I. We left to head home at around 6 and were home by 8:30 after stopping for subway. I had a really good weekend, I was a bit nervous on how I would go being on a fishing trip when I don't eat fish, but I had a really good time. I got to know the girls dad a lot better and got to know her uncle Andy as well which was great. She has a good family and they were very welcoming. I am looking forward to heading up next year.

I will post some more photos over on the Spud Photo Blog tomorrow. Byes


Elaine said...

That sounds a real good time I wish I could fish but I daren't even mention the two weeks I spent trying to get a pike tat was eating the ducklings , the only thing I did catch was not a pike

Spud said...

haha thats hilarious. It was a bit like that when we were fishing too. At least we had a good day. By the way elaine what is your site, I cannot access your blogger account.