Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Farm Weekend

Its was a great weekend. Very relaxing. We lost the cricket which sucked but a few Aussies won in the tennis so that was good. The girl and I didn't do a lot. We just cruised along at the farm watching TV and playing Super Nintendo. We went for a few walks around a saw a few different groups of Kangaroos. There is a kangaroo living by itself right up near the house which is weird because they normally live in family groups. It sleeps in a grove of trees at the side of the house.

We went in to Victor Harbor Saturday afternoon to have a look around and to enjoy the drive there. We walked through the shops and I bought a can of Dr Pepper which is going down nicely right now. I have always been a fan of Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke and all those drinks but they are incredibly hard to find in Australia so its only odd little candy stores that ever have them.

There is a little carnival show that happens in Victor Harbor on the weekends so we walked through there and played one of the shooting side shows. The girl got four out of five and I got zero. Her father was a Commonwealth Games shooter so I blamed it on that. I have only shot a gun a few times so I guess my aim was a little off.

We got home tonight and relaxed a bit more and watched a little more tennis before watching Million Dollar Baby. I have to say that it was one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. It was fantastic and the storyline was incredible but it was sad, so sad. Such an amazing and unpredictable ending. I enjoyed it though. I think I might have to put an Adam Sandler movie on to cheer up though.

I put some scenery shots of the farm up on the Spud Photo Blog so check them. Byes

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