Friday, January 25, 2008

My Week

Damn this week has gone so fast but dragged at the same time. We bought a new tipper trailer so after work each night we have been working on that to get it ready to be sand blasted and painted so after work every day at 4:30ish we head to our workshop and do a few more hours work. Its been a long week actually.

I'm tired and I don't really know why. Really tired. I guess I have been working hardish and my sleeping hasn't been the best but damn I'm tired. I bought two lottery tickets and in the end won on one of them but I only won $13.15 so its nothing to really rant and rave on the internet about.

Tonight the girl was working a late shift so I headed out and had dinner with Tilney and her boyfriend Luke. We had a good old chat and some Mexican food and it was a good night. I'm tired so I wasn't in the mood for much else.

This weekend is the Australia day weekend so I have a bit on here and there but mainly a relaxing weekend with maybe the holiday Monday off work which will be nice. Woot woot!


missc said...

im going to blog rolly you!!>. thanks for visiting my page =)

Elaine said...

You won!! I love winning and for a while now my £5.50 a week habit has been paying for itself, a win is a win at the end of the day ;).