Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Ride

A few years ago Steve and I used to go for rides every now and then. With life being busy and us being lazy we hadn't ridden for over two years so it was about time we went for a role. We invited another mate, Dan to come along and after meeting at mine we were off. We rode down the beach front to the Brighton train station to catch a train into town. There wasn't a train for 25 minutes so we rode a bit further down the line to the Hove station to pass the time.

We caught the train into town and grabbed a few donuts for sustenance before heading down the Torrens river. We rode and rode and rode and eventually ended up at Henley where we rode back down the beach front through Glenelg and back to mine. It was such a great ride and it reignited our interest in riding. Along the way we saw a few fish, a huge cod that was about half a meter long and a group of goldfish that were about the same. It was weird to see a huge orange fish in the murky waters of the Torrens.

We stopped a few times along the way to stop and do jumps that other people had built. There was a great table top jump that me and Dan cranked and both managed to clear. Doing those few jumps also reignited our old days of dirt jumping and riding skate parks a bowls. On our way back to Glenelg we stopped at the West Beach skate park and cranked some dirt jumps and watched some of the skaters riding the half pipe. It was such a beautiful day and such a great ride. I definitely think it will become a more regular thing. The only problem is that for all of last night and today my ass has been killing me from my bike seat. My legs aren't sore at all its just my ass. I guess thats what you get when you ride 30 or 40 kilometers on a BMX bike. Oh well it was still awesome.


Suzie said...

That's a neat tale. I was really interested about the fish though. Gold fish suck when they reside in non-native ecosystems. I hate invasive species with a passion. I actually have done numerous gold-fish removal projects where I'm from. That is totally cool about seeing the big cod, very nice :)

Spud said...

Yea in Australia our main river, the Murray River has had huge problems with carp and non native fish that were introduced. They have almost killed the river, so its terrible what can happen when people introduce species to environments.