Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Tough Tough Week

Its only Thursday but I feel like I'm one hundred. This week has been soo soo hard at work. I have been getting the space around a house ready to be paved and landscaped and its been tough. I have only been able to do some of the work with our machines and then the rest was all by hand. I dug a storm water trench half way round the house and then leveled the back yard all by hand. Every normal day at work I do physical things but this week has been constant for 4 days so far and I'm tired.

I have been staying at the girls house all this week and for some reason her internet isn't working which has made it a bit hard to post this week but I'm back. I don't know what other plans I have for the weekend so I think the girl and I will head down to my families farm/shack. Should be good to relax.

I put up a few random photos on the Spud Photo Blog so check it.

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