Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My 2007

Happy New Year all. Welcome to 2008! I hope everyone is feeling as seedy and crap as I do.

Last night was a good night though. I finished work early yesterday and was so damn happy about it. It was soo so hot and I was in the full sun for most of the morning and afternoon. I came home and relaxed before having tea and heading up to Bridies with Layno. We had to hunt down a few bags of ice on the way up and after stopping at 5 places finally found somewhere that wasn't sold out.

Upon arriving at Bridies we played goon of fortune which is something I haven't done since I was about 16. Its where you hang a bag of cheap wine from a clothes line and spin it round. Whoever the bag stops on has to drink. It was hilarious and a good start to the night.

We drank and talked crap and cruised along after goon of fortune and then decided to play some beer pong which is what you have to do on new years. The girl got there at about 11pm after she finished work a bit early so that was a bonus.

We brought the new year in with cheers a even a bit of dancing and then jumped in the pool to cool off. It was so hot last night and it was so good to have the pool and spa as a refuge. After a few more drinks a swarm of bees moved in and terrorized us for a while. It got a bit crazy and most people got bitten but it was all pretty funny.

I saw the sun coming up before crashing on Bridies floor next to the girl. It was a good night.

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