Monday, September 10, 2007

My Village Time

Saturday night was a whole different kettle of plums. During the day Saturday my old man and I put new brake pads on the girls car and did some other stuff. I finished at about 1ish and came home to meet Tilney and the girl. We just chilled out at mine during the day and watched the footy.

When the night came, everyone came round to my house for tea and to get ready to head up to Steve's 21st. The party was a themed party with the theme being a rockstar or music icon. We had the idea to go as The Village people and because I work in construction I ended up being the worker and wore a reflective safety vest, my work boots and shorts and a big yellow hard hat. The best part of the night was the fact that I ruined ever photo that was taken near me because I came out as a big blur due to my vest. Very funny. It was a good night and as usual I got plastered.

Sunday morning came too quickly and I was feeling very seedy. The girl and I headed down to Glenelg to get take away food for breakfast which was a mistake and made me feel even worse. I ate two Hawaiian yiros and almost died after. We let our stomachs settle then went and got Tilney because she has left her car at mine the night before. She was a laugh and then the girl and I were bored again. We had been invited to Adams house to have tea with his parents so watched the Transformers movie to fill in time before we got ready and left for his house.

For tea Adams father, Ross, cooked crumbed chops. Now I have never really been a huge fan of lamb but I really enjoyed them. I ate about 8 and was quite satisfied. We ate and drank and ate and drank, as you do at Adams house and then headed home to chill out and wait for the F1's to start. The coverage did not come on until 1:30am so the girl and I decided to stay up and watch them. We lasted till 12 and then crashed, lol. good on us. Bye now.

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Anonymous said...

yeah so true. u wrecked so many of my photo's from sat night. thanks. thanks alot for EVERYTHING.
ohh and F1's are shaping up to be an awesome season. c'mon hamilton.