Monday, September 10, 2007

My Family Event

Last Friday the whole birthday thing started. I had to go out for tea for my 21st with my family and some family friends that we have known for years. Its always boring when we go out with them because, well, they are boring people. They are very traditional and very strict where as my family are a little bit odd and a little bit crazy. Its funny because of the differences in the stories that come up but mainly it was boring. The girl and her mum came along too and kept me sane.

The Royal Adelaide Show started on Friday night and although it was really hard to get a park at the restaurant, we did get to watch the fireworks from our table which was nice. When we arrived a band were setting up called the Essential Rhythm Band and we all made the joke that Rhythm was essential but talent was optional and we were right. They had their moments but it was mainly bad covers, so, that was a little entertaining too.

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