Sunday, September 02, 2007

My 21st Time

This weekend was another round of 21st. The girl and I watched the footy Friday night and were incredibly happy because the Crows won and made it into the finals. After the footy was finished we caught a lift with Adam into town to celebrate Erin's 21st birthday. We met everyone at the Belgium Beer bar and stayed for a few drinks. Adam, the girl and I were all pretty tired so we headed home early.

Saturday night followed the same plan. We hit the Dublin to watch the footy and celebrate Layno's birthday. There was a pretty big crowd and it turned out to be an awesome night. I saw a lot of different people and even had a few beers with my friends new boyfriend who I get along with surprisingly well. There was another 21st happening at the Dublin and about half way through the night they managed to start a fight just as I was walking through the group. I got pushed around a bit but didn't throw any punches so it was all good. A pretty eventful night in the end.

Photos: Lots of rocks in the quarry, 50km per hour... man, I built a retaining wall up at sterling out of huge two tonne rocks and
probably the ugliest car I have ever seen.

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cat bitch said...

hehe i got a mention.. i think that car is about as ugly as urs is. lol